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Sponsored Accounts: Commercial Real Estate

A guide for GPs to respond to an LP request for funds, please follow the steps below:

Collection Set-Up

Navigate to the collection page and click into the relevant collection for this nominated request. 

Once in your collection, enter the key financial points of the Fund. Through clicking on either the "Add # of assets" or "Add total NAV" to edit these inputs. 

To ensure correct coverage information is provided to the LP for the data request, please enter the following:

  1. Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund/collection as at the Balance Sheet date
  2. Number of assets as per the balance sheet within the collection.

Find out more about the coverage information.

Asset Set-Up

Click “add an asset” to create a new asset.

Follow the below steps per underlying assets within the collection to ensure the required data points are provided to create an asset in Pathzero Navigator:

Asset Details

   1.   Asset Identification

Enter the details for the asset, which makes it identifiable, this may include building name or address.

Find out more about creating the asset identification

Note that if the asset is still within the development stage, this is most likely a project asset type under PCAF.

Find out more about how to select the correct asset type and when to use the property asset type. 

Find out more about how to upload a Project on the platform

If an asset is created with the incorrect asset type, a new asset will need to be created and the incorrectly classified asset deleted.

Find out more about how to delete an asset.

   2.   Investment Information

Enter the investment information to enable the calculation of financed (fund attributable) emissions. This is also used for the emissions intensity calculation.

Find out more about the investment and operational information required

Emissions Data

There are two ways to provide emissions disclosure. Select the option that best describes your available financed (fund-attributable) emissions disclosure.

  1.   Enter emissions information

If you have known gross or financed emissions data available for the asset, this can be input, alongside required financial inputs.

Find more information on entering known emissions information.

  2.   Create emissions estimate using economic data (paid-feature)

Create a financed emissions estimate by upgrading your account access. You may preview the estimate to see how the feature works. You may generate an initial (PCAF-5) or an improved (PCAF-4) estimate through providing further financial information.

The estimations generated in the preview will not be saved for reporting purposes. Upgrade your account to enable the full functionality of the estimates. 

Find more information on creating an emissions estimate

Please note: For all emissions reporting options, investment information must be completed in order to produce a financed emissions calculation.

Find out more about why financial information is still required in the reporting process.

Bulk Upload

Currently bulk upload is only enabled for the asset details. If you have emissions data, please reach out to the Pathzero team via the in-app support, or contact support@pathzero.com. 

Find out more about the bulk upload for asset details

Collection Completion

Once the request is finished, update the status of a collection to indicate completion of the request to the LP, through toggling the top right drop-down to "Complete".

Find out more about updating the status of the collection.


Please note: Only those with consent to view your data will have access to it. To learn more about Pathzero's data security, follow the links below:

How Pathzero ensure confidentiality of customer data

Privacy and terms of use policy