Emissions Data: Enter Emissions Information

Report emissions disclosure where already available.

If actual emissions data is available per asset, this can can be inputted by scope totals or by greenhouse gas category. This can be entered as either:

Financed-emissions data

Enter the externally calculated PCAF-aligned financed emissions, including the total reported and associated PCAF score.

Gross-emissions data

Enter the externally calculated gross emissions.

To calculate the proportion of financed emissions, additionally enter the required fields, depending on the asset class selected:

If project or private company is selected:

    1. Ownership %: Enter the fully diluted holding as at reporting year end.
    2. Total equity: Enter total equity for the asset, taken from its balance sheet.
    3. Total debt: Enter total debt for the asset, taken from its balance sheet.

If listed company is selected:

    1. EVIC: Enter the total enterprise value including cash for the asset, taken from its balance sheet.

If commercial real estate is selected:

    1. Property value at origination: Enter the total value of the asset at the time of equity or loan origination. If property value at origination is not known or is not representative of activity, latest property value can be used instead. To do this, select ‘Input latest property value instead’.

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Note, for accurate reporting it is important that:

  • Scopes or categories are left blank if they are yet to be measured. A '0' should only be entered if it has been calculated with no emissions.
  • Emissions totals are reported only for the operational emissions, emission removals or avoided are not to be netted off this figure.
  • Emissions totals are reported prior to the offset purchases.