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How to enter information to gain PCAF 2 or 1 data quality score for any asset type

This article provides details on how to gain a PCAF data quality score of 2 or 1 by entering the required emissions data for each asset type in Pathzero Navigator.

Asset type: Projects and companies

Asset type: Commercial Real Estate (CRE)

To improve towards a PCAF 2 or 1 calculation, enter any reported data available for the asset. There are 21 possible emissions categories for private companies, listed companies and projects, however only 4 emissions categories for commercial real estate. 

Any categories that are empty will use the estimated emissions which are calculated from the asset's investment data. Only enter 0 when reported emissions are nil, not when they are unknown.

  1. Select ‘Details’ to open the asset. 

  2. Once open, select to ‘Edit’ to edit the emissions data. 

  3. Add ‘Reported gross emissions’ (tCO₂e) for any of the emissions categories. 

  4. Alternatively, toggle the option to ‘Enter by scope total’. Click on 'Remove and switch' in the pop-up.

  5. To attain a PCAF data quality score 1, for private companies, public companies or project, select the ‘Verified’ checkbox. Verified means the reported emissions are calculated in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and verified by a third-party auditor.  
  6. To attain a PCAF data quality score of 1 for commercial real estate, select the checkbox ‘Supplier specific’ if the reported emissions have been calculated using supplier specific emissions factors. 
  7. Select ‘Save and close’. 
  8. The PCAF average for all assets in the collection is displayed on the main metrics section. PCAF scores for each asset are displayed next to individual assets in the collection. 


If you need more help, please contact us at support@pathzero.com.