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What is the difference between staff commuting emissions and employee travel from non-company-owned vehicles?

How to correctly represent staff commuting and other employee travel in your inventory

Staff commuting emissions are those that arise from employees commuting from their place of residence to their usual place of work. This can include employees travelling to a company office, warehouse, retail shop, or facility. Emissions from this source arise from commuting through various modes including by bus, train, car, etc. Best practice to obtain staff commuting data is through the completion of a staff commuter survey. Please see the example questions for the survey here

Emissions from non-company owned vehicles occur from staff travelling for work purposes. This can include staff travelling to client sites, meetings, between office locations, etc. This category includes only those emissions from employees travelling in a vehicle that is either rented or owned by the employee, where the organisation has compensated the employee for use of this vehicle. This can include reimbursement for kilometres travelled, fuel purchased, or the cost of a rental vehicle. This emission source does not include staff commuting by a car or other vehicle to their usual place of work.