Advice on the requirements for activity data and supporting documents  

This article will explain what supporting evidence is required to prepare you for seamless data validation.

To ensure your data validation is successful there are several data points that our sustainability team will be cross-checking against in each Activity Data input. This information should include: 

  1. Date of expense – to confirm activity took place within the reporting period 
  2. Description of activity – to match the activity input to the uploaded evidence 
  3. When a dollar spend value is submitted:
    -  The evidence must include an extract from your accounting software or a copy of the invoices where the dollar spend can be matched against
    - Exclude any tax from the total amount 

How to upload the supporting documents for activity data. 

Below you will find advice for our most used activity data points:  

  1. Staff Commuting and Working from home  Pathzero recommends collecting data from your staff for this input by completing a location-wide survey for the reporting period, with the following questions. Please see the questions below: i. Staff Commuting: Q: How do you mostly travel to work? Please select one mode only. If you use more than one, please select the most frequent mode: a. Taking the bus b. Driving a car to work c. Riding a bike to work d. No commute/ work from home e. Taking the light rail/tram f. Walk to work g. Taking the ferry h. Taking the train i. Riding a motorbike/ scooter Input to Pathzero: Enter the number of people per the mode of transport on the Pathzero platform. ii. Working from Home:Part 1: Average number of days per week employees WFH  Q: What is your percentage split between working from home and going to the office? Please select one option of your most regular frequency of office attendance versus working from home: a. 5/5 in office, 0 days working from home, 100%:0%b. 5 days in office, 1 day working from home, 80%:20%c. 3/5 days in office, 2 days working from home, 60%:40% d. 2/5 days in the office, 3 days working from home, 40%:60% e. 1/5 days in the office, 4 days working from home, 20%:80% Input to Pathzero: Enter the average percentage input across the team Part 2. Average working hours per dayWe suggest you take the average contracted hours all employees are contracted by.Input to Pathzero: Enter the average working hours across the team on the Pathzero platform. 
  2. For fuel and energy-related emissions, where to find the input and how to provide evidence: 
    When using the kWH model, this information can be found on your invoice 
    When using the dollar spend model, found in your Profit & Loss statement or an extract from your account software  
  3. Base buildings  
    Net lettable area evidence can include: 
    - Office lease is typically where this is found, Official letter from building management highlighting the net lettable area 
    - Floor plan where the square footage is available 
    - Average net lettable must include: 
    Official letter from building management highlighting the average net lettable area with an explanation of how it was calculated  
  4. Air Travel 
    Provide records of business travel including departure and arrival airport, class and offset records. Supporting documents includes the invoice from the airline which details: 
    - Departure and arrival airports  
    - Total cost 
    - Class of flight purchased i.e. economy, premium economy, business or first-class 
    - Where relevant provide details of carbon offsets, this is typically found on the invoice 
  5. Taxis and Rideshares 
    Screenshots of rideshare details, invoices or Xero extracts. Details need to include: 
    - Location of where the expense took place 
    - Cost 
  6. Waste 
    Pathzero recommends using the Average FTE waster generation input. No evidence is required if the FTE matches the input provided during the location setup. If not, an explanation in terms of a note is required.