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What are scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions?  

Explanation of the emission scopes for carbon accounting

To minimise the difficulty associated with the measurement of a company’s total emissions, Greenhouse Gas Protocol, has categorised the various emission sources into what is referred to as scopes. These scopes include: 

  • Scope 1: direct emissions which originate from operations that are either owned or controlled by a company.  For example, any fuel used for your company-owned vehicles. 
  • Scope 2: indirect emissions that occur following the generation of purchases or acquired electricity, steam, or heat. These emissions are a consequence of the energy consumed at a site owned or controlled by the business.  For example, electricity usage in your office.
  • Scope 3: All remaining emissions that occur in organisations supply or value chain.  For example, lawyer fees would be included in Professional Services. 

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