Information required for emissions boundary review

Our emissions boundary review involves assessing your organisational and operational boundary. This article will assist you with preparing the required information needed to allow for our experts to complete the review.

Organisational boundary

To identify the organisational boundary, Pathzero requires you to provide the legal entity structure including parent and child entities. 

Provide a document to illustrate your organisational structure highlighting the entities where there is operational control.

Operational boundary

The operational boundary review includes an assessment of the following:

  • A review of your defined operations including all facilities and fleets under your company’s operational control

  • A review of all applicable emissions categories and emissions sources set for each operation.

The following can be provided as evidence to assist our experts with the review:

  • A list of addresses associated with your company’s operations;
  • Profit & Loss statement - financial information can provide a reliable indication of your company’s activities; and
  • Invoices - providing more granular information for emission sources.

Please reach out to should you need any additional support.

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