What methodology does Pathzero use to calculate a greenhouse gas inventory?

The Pathzero platform enables a user to follow the Greenhouse Gas protocol to calculate their scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. In addition it provides the models, emission factors and assumptions that are required to estimate emissions from activity data.


Pathzero's platform has been designed to provide all the tools that an organisation needs to calculate a greenhouse gas inventory in accordance with the most widely used international accounting protocols.

These inventories can be used as part of a carbon neutral certification if all additional requirements of those standards are met.

Greenhouse Gas Standards

The Pathzero platform has been designed to help an organisation calculate their greenhouse gas inventory in accordance with the following Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards:

In addition, the specific requirements of the following Carbon Neutral standards, which broadly align to the GHG Protocol standards have also been accommodated:

This means that the greenhouse gas inventory produced can form the basis of a carbon neutral claim if all other requirements are met.

Models, Emission Factors and Assumptions

The GHG Protocol standards set out the methodology to be used to calculate a greenhouse gas inventory. These standards, however, do not currently specify the exact models, emission factors and assumptions to be used to perform the calculation.

The Pathzero platform has incorporated industry best practice models, emission factors and assumptions into the platform. These enabling tools and data are continuously updated by our research team as new information becomes available.

In Australia, the calculation methodology is consistent with the approach required to attain the Carbon Neutral Certification under the Climate Active (Federal Government) program.

Researchers who are involved in the calculation methodologies are overseen by consultants who have attained registered status with the program. A directory of registered consultants can be found on the government website.

Multiple models

In many instances, there may be multiple means of estimating emissions from a particular emission source. For example, Air Travel may be calculated using one of the following models on the Pathzero platform:

  • Passenger Distance Travelled (from flight itinerary)
  • Total Distance Travelled
  • Emissions by Spend (using EEIO analysis), or
  • Entering supplier specific disclosure.

Pathzero disclosure

When a calculation is being performed on platform, Pathzero discloses the particular emissions factors or research that underpins that particular calculation.

In addition a record is kept of every calculation performed along with it's inputs to provide a full audit trail of each calculation.