Use of the Protocol

This article sets out the intended use of this Protocol in the Pathzero platform.

This protocol is intended to be used as a framework to credibly claim carbon neutrality within the Pathzero platform. If all requirements, including the independent verification and validation checks, are performed by a suitably qualified consultant the protocol underpins the carbon neutral certification issued by Pathzero.

The Protocol was developed to be used with and embedded in the Pathzero self-serve web application.

Carbon Neutral certification

Carbon neutral certification against this Protocol can be applied for in the Pathzero platform. This option is available once all requirements, including the licence agreement are complete. The Pathzero platform serves as documentation and evidence of the work done to attain this certification.

Use of the certification trademark

The Carbon Neutral Company trademark can be used under licence to show an organisation complies with this Protocol. The Pathzero platform ensures that this trademark is not available to be used unless all certification requirements have been met.

The certification can only be used to represent the carbon neutrality of the organisation. It cannot be used on marketing for products and services or in any other way suggest that the certified claim of carbon neutrality applies to the products or services.