The Pathzero Predictive Model

Helping you understand how our initial estimate of emissions is created


The Pathzero Predictive Model enables a projection of your company's or asset’s total emissions based on the industry, region and financial data. The high-level initial estimate serves as a starting place for an emissions assessment and can highlight potential emission hotspots by GHG category utilising industry average data and research.  

How it works 

The Predictive Model requires the input of the following basic business details:

  • Primary country of operation,
  • Primary sector of operations, and
  • Annual revenue 

Additionally, you have the option to provide:

  • Number of Full-Time Employees (FTE): This is used to calculate emission intensity per FTE. While it's optional, it can provide more detailed insights into your emissions profile.
The model utilises environmentally extended input-output (EEIO) emissions factors to calculate the initial high-level estimate of your company’s absolute emissions and scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. These factors are a key part of the model. They are derived from extensive research and data analysis, allowing for industry and region estimations. 

The absolute emissions estimates are then attributed across the 21 emissions categories reportable under the GHG Protocol. This provides a detailed breakdown of the attributable source of your emissions. This will help you identify the potential focus points for emission reductions.  

The Predictive Model is a useful tool allowing for an initial estimate for your company. The generated estimates are based on industry average data and therefore has inherent limitations. To improve this estimate you can provide emissions and activity data based on your actual operations.