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Should I measure my inventory on a quarterly or annual basis?

Pathzero allows for an organisation to choose whether you measure your inventory quarterly, or annually. The choice is always up to an organisation; however, here are some considerations for when you are making this decision:  

  1. Timing requirements – if your organisation already reports financial information on a specific time basis, it is beneficial to align your carbon reporting to this frequency as much of the data from these reports can be used to complete your measurement. 
  2. Data collection – the first few inventories may take a bit more time to complete. Ensuring all data required is available will help you to determine the best reporting frequency for you. 
  3. Staff availability – you may find that staff are able to allocate time to complete your inventory at different time periods. Aligning your reporting timelines with staff availability will ensure that your organisation completes all requirements in a timely manner each year.  
  4. Stakeholder requirements – based on the requirements of your various stakeholders you may choose to report at different increments.