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This article discusses the importance of companies publishing their data, and details the specific company and emissions information to be shared, so that investors can better understand and assess the financed emissions of their investments.

Why publish your emissions data?

Your emissions data allows investors to calculate their financed emissions, giving them insights into the emissions of their investment. Publishing this information can facilitate informed discussions with investors as to any decarbonisation action that could be undertaken.

What data will be published?

Publishing in Pathzero Clarity refers to the process of sharing your emissions data with your investors. This data encompasses several essential elements that provide a comprehensive overview of the emissions of their investment. 

The following company information will be shared:

  • Company identity: This identifies your organisation, helping investors know which entity they are receiving data from.
  • Reporting period for emissions: This specifies the timeframe for which emissions data is being reported, allowing investors to track progress over time.
  • Primary operating country: This tells investors where your organization is primarily based and informs the selection of the appropriate emissions factor.
  • Industry sector: For investors, identifying your industry sector allows for the proper categorization of your emissions data and guides the selection of the appropriate emissions factor.
  • Annual revenue: This financial metric gives insight into the scale of your organization and informs the preliminary emissions calculations.
  • Number of full-time employees: The size of your workforce is used as an intensity metric for analysing your emissions.
  • Total equity: This represents the value of your assets minus liabilities and informs the preliminary emissions calculations.
  • Total debt: Debt informs the preliminary emissions calculations.

Sources of emissions data that can be ‘Published’: 

Pathzero Clarity enables the sharing of emissions data from three possible sources, allowing flexibility depending on the data available.
  • Initial estimates calculated using Pathzero Clarity: These are preliminary emissions calculations based on industry, geographical location, and financial information about your organisation. While they provide a starting point, they only provide a general indication of emissions typical for an organisation such as yours. Such estimates may not fully capture the unique emissions profile of your individual organisation, but are a good starting point to quickly and easily calculate emissions estimates and share these with investors.
  • Self-reported data: If you already have emissions data about your organisation available - e.g. that has been calculated offline by an independent consultancy - this can be inputted and ‘Published’. Independently calculated emission data offers a higher level of accuracy and reliability compared to initial estimates.
  • Detailed calculations using Pathzero Clarity:  If you want to move beyond initial estimates and don’t already have emissions data available, you can use the Pathzero Clarity platform to calculate a detailed emissions inventory. This can be done for Scopes 1 & 2 or Scopes 1, 2 & 3. This data can then be ‘Published’ to investors with a full audit trail of how and when the calculations were made.