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How does measuring a carbon footprint help my business reach its environmental goals and targets?

How to start your carbon management journey

The first step in setting environmental goals and targets is to measure your organisation's carbon footprint. Measuring your carbon footprint not only provides your organisation with a baseline understanding of your current emissions, but also highlights key insights on the various impacts that your operational activities might be having. This exercise allows you to gain a better understanding of emission hotspots, trends, and the impact of your entire value chain.

The process further allows you to identify your top emission sources. This can be used to develop an emission reduction strategy that targets key areas of opportunity. Alongside this, your organisation can develop smart reduction targets and goals, specific to the organisation.  

By measuring and actively managing your carbon emissions, reduction opportunities, and targets, progress can be easily tracked leading to actual emission reductions.  This allows for meaningful environmental action to be taken and progress to be seen over time.