EPA Emission Factors

This article outlines the key emission factors used from the US EPA Emission Factors for Greenhouse Gas Inventories

The US EPA Emission Factors includes factors for use by organisations to report on greenhouse gas emissions. The factors are updated periodically and allow organisations to calculate greenhouse gas emissions from a wide range of activities. 

The 2020 Emission Factors use Global Warming Potentials (GWP) factors from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) fourth assessment report. The GWP for CH4 is 25 and the GWP for N2O is 298. The 2020 EPA Emission Factors are available here.

Key factors used by Pathzero include:

Scope 1

  • Stationary combustion emission factors (kg CO2-e/scf)
  • Mobile combustion emission factors (kg CO2-e/scf)

Scope 2

  • US eGRID electricity emission factors (lbs CO2-e/MWh)

Scope 3

  • Waste disposal emission factors (tonnes CO2-e/short ton material)
  • Business air travel emission factors (kg CO2-e/passenger mile)
  • Land travel emission factors (g CO2-e/passenger mile)