Development of the Protocol

This article explains how this protocol came to be.

Pathzero developed and released the Pathzero Carbon Neutral Protocol for SMEs in November 2020. This document underpinned the Pathzero platform’s Carbon Neutral Company label from November 2020 – March 2021.

In November 2020 Pathzero made this protocol public and sought input from industry participants as to its usefulness, given the set of currently available carbon neutral certifications available.

We received clear feedback that there was a need for an online process to be supported by a robust protocol that mirrors the best-practice standards widely adopted in industry.

This would enable companies to more rapidly take action and demonstrate their climate leadership whilst maintaining the integrity of carbon neutral certification. With the methods closely aligned, other certifications could then be sought over time as required in a local region.

The Protocol has the objective of meeting this criteria.