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How does billing per number of locations work?

This article answers some common questions on how Pathzero charges for additional locations.

Pathzero charges a monthly fee for its SAAS application.  The subscription includes an allowance of locations that can be added without incurring a further charge.

Where an organisation has more locations than their plan allowance, they can add these locations in the application and are charged a fee per location that is in excess of their allowance.

A user is billed based on the number of active locations during the billing cycle. Where the number of locations is changed within a billing cycle, a pro-rata charge is applied.

How locations work

Locations can be set to "Active" or "Archived" (explained in further detail below). Subscribers are charged a fee for any active locations in excess of their plan allowance.

Active locations

Active locations are those locations that a user can include in a new measurement being performed. Active locations can also be edited in pre-existing measurements that have been performed.

The default status of any location that is added is "Active".

Archived locations

When a location is no longer relevant to current measurements, perhaps an old address, the location can be archived. Once archived the location can no longer be added to any new measurement being performed.

If the archived location exists in a past measurement period, all the data is still included in reporting, however, the measured amounts for that location cannot be edited.

A subscriber is not charged for archived locations in excess of the Pathzero plan.

Restoring archived locations

Archived locations can be restored to being "Active", although the process involves contacting Pathzero support to enable this.